A client who owns an online running shoe store wants to drive sales of a particular model of women’s running shoes. What keywords should you include in this client’s keyword list to help achieve their goal?

  • Specific terms about the benefits of running
  • Specific terms about the shoe brand and model your client is selling
  • Generic terms about running and running shoes
  • Generic terms about different types of women’s shoes

A standard Google Ads text ad is made up of:

  • A display URL and description text
  • A headline, image, and description text
  • A headline and description text
  • A headline, a display URL, and description text

Tom wants to promote his windshield repair company’s emergency service by reaching people right when they’re searching for help. Which campaign type is a good fit?

  • “Search Network with Display Select”
  • “Shopping”
  • “Search Network only”
  • “Display Network only”

Why might you use the “Search Network campaigns with Display opt-in” campaign type?

  • You can use one budget to advertise on the Search Network and Display Network
  • Your ads only show on the first page of search results
  • You can pick the exact websites where you want your ad to show
  • Your video ads can run on the Search Network

An e-commerce client wants her campaign to be more profitable. After calculating this client’s total profits from AdWords, what can you do to start maximizing results for profit?

  • Test different cost-per-click (CPC) bids
  • Test only one version of your ad text
  • Lower the cost-per-click (CPC) bids and increase the budget
  • Delete keywords that are generating the most clicks

Your client noticed that his ad was disapproved for editorial reasons. Why is it important for him to understand and abide by Google’s advertising policies

  • AdWords policies can help web user distinguish between ads and search results
  • AdWords policies can help ensure ads are useful, varied, relevant, and safe for web users
  • AdWords policies can keep disapproved ads and websites out of organic search results
  • AdWords policies can help keep ad costs low and affordable for advertisers

Susan’s Sporting Goods sells a variety of sports equipment and clothing. How should Susan set up her AdWords account?

  • Create two accounts: one for equipment and one for clothing. Within the equipment account, create a campaign for basketballs and tennis rackets. Within the clothing account, create a campaign for jerseys and baseball hats.
  • Create one account for Susan’s sporting goods. Create one campaign for both equipment and clothing. Create one ad group that includes basketballs, tennis rackets, jerseys, and baseball hats.
  • Create an account for each product Susan’s Sporting Goods sells. In each account, create a single ad group for all equipment and clothing products.
  • Create one account for Susan’s Sporting Goods. Create two campaigns: one for equipment and one for clothing. Within the equipment campaign, create ad groups for basketballs and tennis rackets. Within the clothing campaign, create ad groups for jerseys and baseball hats.

While teaching a new account manager how to build a Search campaign, you tell her that she should group similar keywords together in an ad group because it will allow her to:

  • create a different ad for each keyword
  • create multiple ads for each keyword
  • only create one ad that’s relevant to all keywords
  • create ads that are relevant to all keywords

Which of the following items is not a component of Quality Score?

  • Landing page experience
  • Maximum cost-per-click (max. CPC) bid
  • Ad relevance
  • Expected click through rate (CTR)

Which targeting option can help you reach people who’ve previously visited your website?

  • Device targeting
  • Demographic targeting
  • Remarketing
  • Interest category targeting

What is the recommended next step if you noticed from the Search terms report that certain terms are leading to a high number of clicks on your ads?

  • Add search terms that are not leading to many clicks as negative keywords
  • Add site links to your ads to make them even more prominent
  • Make sure all of these search terms are included as keywords, regardless of relevance
  • Make sure relevant search terms are keywords and adjust your bid or ad text for these keywords

Your client gets more conversions from ads that appear to people in Tokyo. What actions should you take to try and increase the number of conversions for this client?

  • Use a location bid adjustment to increase bids for customers in Tokyo
  • Create a separate ad group to target ads and bids for Tokyo
  • Use the user location view to understand if people who click your ads are located in Tokyo
  • Refine where your ads show by adding the keyword “Tokyo”

An advertiser wants to know if Shopping ads will appear on YouTube. What should you tell her?

  • Shopping Ads can only appear on retail websites.
  • Shopping ads can only show on pre-roll video ads on YouTube
  • Shopping ads can appear on Google Search partner websites like YouTube
  • Shopping Ads can only appear on Google.com

Tony travels frequently. He needs to be able to make changes to his AdWords account while he’s offline, so he downloads AdWords Editor. Using AdWords Editor, Tony can do all of the following except:

  • Undo and redo multiple changes while editing his campaigns
  • Refresh data to reflect the latest statistics on his cost-per-click (CPC) campaign
  • Mange, edit, and view multiple accounts at the same time
  • Copy or move items between ad groups and campaigns

What’s one of the main benefits of using ad extensions?

  • Extensions increase your reach by showing your ad on more advertising networks
  • Extensions ensure a higher click through rate (CTR) because they make your ad more prominent
  • Extensions provide additional information to make your ads more relevant to customers
  • Extensions are automated so you don’t have to create your ads

What changes can you make to the Display Network campaign of a client who wants to drive awareness of her natural beauty brand ?

  • Increase the daily budget and add text ads with clear call-to-actions like “Buy now”
  • Use a balanced combination of broad-, exact-, and phrase-matched keywords
  • Add affinity audiences targeting people interested in green living and beauty
  • Target large metropolitan areas where people are more likely to encounter her product

Which is the best bidding option for an advertiser who wants to drive more clicks from mobile devices?

  • Mobile bid adjustments
  • Target return on ad spend (ROAS)
  • Target search page location flexible bidding strategy
  • Cost-per-acquisition (CPA)

Target cost-per-acquisition (CPA) bidding can help drive conversions by using your conversion history and:

  • cost-per-acquisition (CPA) goals to show the optimal ad when a conversion is more likely
  • cost-per-click (CPC) goals to show the optimal ad when a conversion is more likely
  • cost-per-acquisition (CPA) goals to raise your bid when a conversion is more likely
  • cost-per-click (CPC) goals to raise your bid when a conversion is more likely

When setting up a Search Network campaign for a client, you want her ad to get as many clicks as possible within her budget. Which bid strategy should you use to achieve this goal?

  • Maximize Clicks
  • Cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM)
  • Manual cost-per-click (CPC)
  • Cost-per-acquisition (CPA)

Julian wants to reach potential customers based on the type of device they’re using, but he doesn’t know how his campaign performs on different devices. How can Julian find meaningful data that will help him decide which devices to target?

  • Create multiple ad groups that target different devices, and monitor the results
  • Set up an experiment to test which device he should target
  • Create multiple campaigns that target different devices, and monitor the results
  • Segment his campaign statistics table by device

What does a high Quality Score indicate?

  • Your bid is high enough to have your ad displayed.
  • Your ad and landing page are relevant and useful to a viewer.
  • You have been an AdWords user for a long time.
  • Your ad relevance and landing page are below average.

Higher Quality Scores typically result in:

  • higher costs and lower ad positions
  • lower costs and better ad positions
  • less overall impressions
  • faster delivery of daily budget

Which statistic indicates how often a click has led to a conversion?

  • Cost-per-conversion
  • Click through rate (CTR)
  • Conversion rate
  • Converted clicks

Anne-Marie’s business goal is to generate online sales of her handmade purses. Her AdWords costs are $100 per week and she wants to know if her advertising investment is paying off. What additional information do you need in order to calculate her return on investment (ROI)?

  • Number of clicks on her ads and costs to produce her purses
  • How many times her ads have been viewed and clicked on
  • Number of clicks on her ads and revenue they generated
  • Costs to produce her purses and revenue generated from her ads

What bidding strategy should Tracy, a pizzeria owner, use to get more people to call her business?

  • Cost-per-view (CPV)
  • Cost-per-thousand-impressions (CPM)
  • Cost-per-click (CPC)
  • Cost-per-acquisition (CPA)

Your client is interested in switching from TV, print, and radio advertising. What are the return on investment (ROI) benefits of online advertising campaigns over traditional media advertising?

  • Online advertising is always less expensive than traditional media
  • Traditional media typically requires a predetermined quarterly budget, but online advertising usually lets you set your budget once a month at a fixed amount
  • Traditional media is not always measurable, but online campaigns are highly measurable and you can analyze your click data
  • Traditional media generates exposure, but online advertising campaign can guarantee sales

An advertiser wants to display a text ad that includes extra details like the business’s location and phone number. Which ad format should the advertiser use?

  • Shopping ads
  • Ads with extensions
  • Video ads
  • Image ads

If you bid $2 for a click and the next highest bid is $1.25, how much will you pay?

  • $2
  • $1.24
  • $1
  • $1.26

Adam, a flower shop owner, wants to drive phone calls to his store. Which Adwords tool should he use to track how many calls result from ad clicks on a mobile phone?

  • Search terms report
  • Impressions
  • Reach and frequency
  • Conversion tracking

Which client would you advise to use radius targeting?65

  • Luis, whose e-commerce business delivers nationwide
  • Denise, whose service can reach customers within 30 miles
  • Christopher, who wants to promote his new product in select cities
  • Mabel, who wants to exclude her ads from certain cities

What is the Google Network?

  • The collective term for Google’s professional support staff that can answer your AdWords questions 24/7.
  • A network of partner websites that will show your AdWords ad.
  • A network of hardware devices, including chrome books and android phones where your AdWords ad can appear.
  • The term that embodies all of the places where your AdWords ad can appear.

Paige’s Pet Store is deciding on keywords for a new AdWords campaign. How should Paige set up her AdWords keywords?

  • Use negative keywords for terms that are related to pets and animals.
  • Use general keywords to reach a specific audience.
  • Bundle similar keywords together in one ad group based on common themes.
  • Use the Keyword Planner to come up with keyword ideas for Display Network campaigns.

Advertising on TV, print, and radio typically requires a predetermined budget. What key differences enable some online advertising campaigns to invest with more flexibility without a predetermined budget in mind?


Print, TV and radio advertising typically requires a predetermined budget. What key differences enable some online advertising campaigns to invest with more flexibility without a predetermined budget in mind?

  • AdWords budgets can only be set once annually and require a fixed commitment
  • Online campaigns are highly measurable and can often automate a positive ROI. It can be strategic to capture all traffic without a predetermined budget as long as ROI is positive
  • Online campaigns generate clicks, whereas other channels generate exposure
  • Budgets cannot be applied to online campaigns due to constant changes in traffic

You can use Keyword Planner to identify:

  • the number of negative keywords you should add
  • the amount of traffic potential keywords you might get
  • which text ads are performing best based on your keywords
  • web pages where your ad can appear based on your keywords

An advertiser should group their campaigns by:

  • type of product or service
  • number of keywords
  • maximum cost-per-click (CPC) bids
  • number of ad groups per campaign

When choosing a maximum cost-per-click (max. CPC) bid, you should consider the amount that you make from a purchase because you want to set a bid amount that’s:94

  • based on how much your product is worth
  • 50% of how much your product is worth
  • the same amount as the profit generated by your product
  • the same amount as the revenue generated by your product

Caleb owns a music store and is creating an ad group for musical instrument rentals. What would be the most appropriate landing page for his ad?

  • A page with information on instrument rentals and a contact form
  • His homepage, with links to instrument sales, rentals, and music lessons
  • A page with information on music lessons and a contact form
  • A page with a wide selection of instruments for sale

When reviewing the Search terms report for one of your client’s campaigns, you notice several terms that aren’t relevant to what they’re advertising. How can you use this information when refining the campaign’s keywords?10

  • Add the terms as exact match keywords
  • Add the terms as phrase match keywords
  • Add the terms as negative keywords
  • Add the terms as keywords

Your ad can show to a potential customers when your targeted language matches:

  • the customer’s browser setting
  • the customer’s Google interface language setting
  • the customer’s operating system language
  • the language of websites a user visits most often

Nadia manages a local gym and is running an ad to drive more free trial memberships. What could she include in her ad text?61

  • A prominent headline like “TRIAL MEMBERSHIPS AVAILABLE”
  • A call-to-action like “Visit our gym now”
  • Add a promotion like “20% off fitness classes”
  • Add a call-to-action like “Sign up for a free trial”

When people search for your client’s watch repair business, they use very specific terms like “vintage watch repairs”. To show your ads for these searches, you’ll want to use:

  • Negative match keywords
  • Broad match keywords
  • Exact match keywords
  • Phrase match keywords

One of your clients wants to know why a campaign went over the specified daily budget several days in a row. What would you explain to your client about how the Google Ads system works?

  • Due to changes in traffic, Google Ads allows up to 20% more impressions in a day than the budget specifies
  • To show an ad more often, Google Ads charges more than the average daily budget amount multiplied by 30.4
  • Google Ads automatically increases the maximum cost–per–click (CPC) bid to show an ad higher in Google search results
  • Due to changes in traffic, your total daily cost might be up to 2 times your average daily budget. However, with all Google Ads campaigns you won’t be charged more than your average daily budget multiplied by the average number of days in a month (30.4)

Data shows that the audience for a client’s running shoe store is women ages 35 to 50. How can you optimize this client’s Display Network campaign based on your research?

  • Use frequency capping to limit the number of times men ages 40 to 65 see your client’s ads
  • Increase cost-per-click (CPC) bids and experiment with variations of ad text that includes running tips
  • Add demographic and age targeting to show ads to people in this audience
  • Set up a remarketing list to show ads to women who have previously visited your client’s website

What’s one benefit of creating multiple ad groups?

  • You can target specific ad groups into various Google networks
  • You can break up keywords and ads into related themes
  • You can set different budgets for each ad group
  • You can pause specific keywords if they are not performing well

Cliff just started working with a client who has a very disorganized AdWords account. What’s an effective way for him to begin restructuring his client’s account?

  • Create multiple campaigns, each with a set of related keywords
  • Create campaigns based on the structure of his client’s website
  • Create one campaign with a broad selection of keywords
  • Create one campaign for all the products his client offers

How are manual extensions different from automatic extensions?

  • Automatic extensions require setup. Manual extensions do not.
  • Manual extensions require you to fill out additional information. Automatic extensions do not.
  • Manual extensions cost more than automatic extensions
  • There is only one type of manual extension but many types of automatic extensions

Blake is focused on branding and is more interested in his ads being viewed than in generating clicks. which of these features would not be a good fit for him?

  • Reach and Frequency data
  • Call Extensions
  • Cost-per-thousand-impressions (CPM) bidding
  • Placement targeting

Your travel agency client is running a very targeted campaign to reach people who are visiting Paris on vacation and don’t live in France. What would be an effective way to target this client’s customers?

  • Create a campaign with ads and keywords written in French
  • Create a campaign targeting Paris and languages other than French
  • Create a campaign targeting French and regions other than Paris
  • Create a keyword list with the exact match keyword “Paris” and negative keyword “France”

Sally’s Spice Store sells a variety of spices and healthy cooking ingredients. Which targeting method should Sally choose if she wants her ads to show on websites that focus on health, wellness, and home-cooking?

  • Topic targeting
  • Placement targeting
  • Location targeting
  • Intuitive targeting

How are negative keywords different from other keywords?

  • They make your ad appear for search terms that you don’t want.
  • They prevent your ad from showing for search terms that you don’t want.
  • They can only be used for ads on the Display Network.
  • They can increase your costs.

An advertiser wants to increase the Quality Score of a low-performing keyword. Which approach would you recommend?

  • Repeat the keyword as many times as possible in the ad text.
  • Delete the keyword and add the keyword to the campaign again
  • Modify the ad associated with that keyword to direct to a highly-relevant landing page
  • Increase the daily budget for the campaign in which the keyword is located

Let’s say your cost-per-click is $0.05 on average and you want around 200 clicks per day. What should you set as your daily budget?

  • $5
  • $2.50
  • $10
  • $25

Using the paid & organic report for her travel website, Karen noticed a relatively high organic clicks/query rate for the search query “Hawaii vacations.” What does this mean?

  • Karen’s ads often show below her organic results for the search query
  • People who see Karen’s site in relevant organic search results often click through to her site
  • Karen’s ads don?t often show for the search query
  • Karen’s average organic position is higher than other advertisers’, but her average ad position is lower than other advertisers’

An advertiser wants to achieve the top position in paid search results. Which recommendations would improve the likelihood of top ad position?

  • Improve Quality Score and increase cost-per-click (CPC)
  • Decrease cost-per-click (CPC) and increase daily budget
  • Decrease cost-per-click (CPC) and decrease daily budget
  • Improve Quality Score and decrease cost-per-click (CPC)

An advertiser wants to create ads that target potential customers in California. Which targeting method should this advertiser use to target these customers?

  • Keyword targeting
  • Device targeting
  • Audience targeting
  • Location targeting

You would choose to advertise on the Google Search Network if you wanted to:

  • reach customers browsing websites related to your business
  • reach customers while they’re searching for your products or services
  • choose the types of websites where you want your ads to show
  • choose from a range of ad formats, like video and image ads

You would advise a client that’s launching a new product line to advertise on the Display Network because she can:qwe

  • reach people who are interested in similar products
  • use text ads that encourage people to call her business
  • use text ads that encourage people to visit her website
  • reach people who are searching for her products

Your client wants to increase the number of people visiting his website. When analyzing the data for Search campaign, which metric do you most want to improve?

  • Clickthrough rate (CTR)
  • Converted clicks
  • Impressions
  • Conversion rate

By monitoring ad campaign performance, an advertiser may obtain the information needed to:

  • create additional AdWords accounts for low-performing keywords
  • create duplicate ad groups with identical keywords and different ad variations
  • compare campaign performance to that of individual competitors
  • determine if campaigns are meeting overall marketing and conversion goals

What bidding strategy should Tracy, a pizzeria owner, use to get more people to call her business?

  • Cost-per-view (CPV)
  • Cost-per-thousand-impressions (CPM)
  • Cost-per-click (CPC)
  • Cost-per-acquisition (CPA)

Conversion Tracking helps you improve the return on investment (ROI) from your online advertising because it:

  • measures trends relating to the search terms people have used before seeing your ad
  • focuses on getting customers to complete an online purchase
  • shows you which ads lead to customer actions that have value for your business
  • automatically gives you personal details about the people who convert

Research for a client who owns used car dealerships show that people who visit his website also visit certain popular car blogs. Which targeting method would you use to reach these people?

  • Remarketing
  • Keywords
  • Topics
  • Placements

You sell autographed sports memorabilia and want to reach people interested in sports. What’s one benefit of promoting your products with a ads in mobile apps campaign on the Display Network?

  • It encourages people using mobile devices to install your app
  • It lets people who see your ad get directions to your store on Google Maps
  • It directs people to your online store to purchase your products
  • It allows you to show your ad on app categories that you choose

Which campaign type would an advertiser use to target users searching on Google.com?

  • “Search Network with Display opt-in”
  • ”Video campaign”
  • “Display Network”
  • “Search Network”

Belinda’s boutique just started carrying 3 new designer labels. She wants to show an image ad announcing the new collections to people who are browsing websites about designer clothing. Which campaign is a good fit?

  • “Search Network with Display opt-in”
  • “Search Network”
  • ”Shopping”
  • “Display Network”