Digital marketing is a booming industry and almost every business needs this.

Digital marketing is a way to promote your business online otherwise known as the World Wide Web.  Digital marketing is completely data driven. Successful marketing comes from a deep understanding of the concepts, terms & definitions, analyzing the traffic, and putting it to effective use.

Off late, you will find that a lot of digital marketing institutes mushrooming in each nook and corner of any city. There are many people who write topics such as “Top Digital Marketing Institutes”. Have you ever read through the list? Almost all of them write the same content and will try to incorporate their institute’s name among the Top Institutes. Who are these people who write such stories, are they industry experts or are they just businessmen looking out to make profits by providing half-cooked knowledge to students.

I suggest that a newbie looking out for a career as a digital marketer just doesn’t go by what they claim but to look out for quality training which will ultimately guide him to be a good digital marketer.

I do not vouch for any institutes nor do I call myself an expert. Having been in the Print Media industry for over a decade and the online industry for over 6 years, I can surely tell what you need to do to be a successful marketer.

First and foremost you need to “Go back to school”. I would say that each student needs to put some effort into the Theoretical part as well, because in any certification exam, theory plays a major role. They don’t ask you to run any campaign or build a website. What they ask is purely Theory!

As a trainer in SKARtec Digital Marketing Academy, I personally ask all my students to devote a minimum of 1-2 hours per day in quality reading. We provide complete Theoretical knowledge to the students and then dive into the practical. Without understanding the subject matter a student cannot excel. He or she needs to be groomed.

Our course consists of 50% theory and 50% practical, thus ensuring a balance of both.  We are the only institute to train people in both Traditional & Digital Media thus making it a complete marketing course. Check out