Opportunities for a Digital Marketer

1. SEO is the practice of increasing a website’s organic ranking in search engines. But what’s ranking without revenue?

2. Conversion Optimization – SEO brings traffic, but traffic means nothing if it doesn’t convert in ROI. Digital marketing consultants help bring Profitable traffic. That’s why your consultant should be skilled in …

3. Web Design – Digital Marketers skilled in web design not only bring you a beautiful website that reflects positively for your brand, but they also have a solid idea of the web layouts that convert the best.

4. Copywriting – Digital Marketers who have maintained their own blogs should have honed their writing skills to write for conversions, people and search engines.

5. Social Media – Some niches thrive with traffic from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. Many businesses tend to take on social media themselves, but a true digital marketer knows the difference between using social media as a business and as an end user.

6. Analytics – combined with conversion optimization can help you determine where traffic is coming from and which channels are the most profitable.

7. Advertising – Online advertising such as AdWords and Facebook Ads are much more than set and forget. A skilled digital marketer can lower CPC and increase conversions.